To whom it may concern: Few years ago I discovered a strange eczema that was fast expanding on my lower leg and forearm. After trying different treatments, I was informed that my condition might be chronic so I was supposed to get used to it for the rest of my life. My husband and I have known about saunas since childhood and used them when we had a chance; however I’ve never thought that one day by using one regularly I will be cured of my skin disease. In the fall of 2003 we came across Mr. Perett’s webside/store by the name of “DreamSauna” and we discussed with him what would be the best alternative for us. We decided to have him build an IR/classical sauna for us and by March 2004 he already installed it in our place. We’ve been using it since at least once a week. I’m amazed of the results of frequently using the sauna. According to the doctors my eczema was very advanced; I am not only cured of the annoying eczema but my general health has improved. So if you’d ask me if I would recommend “the treatment by sauna” I would tell you: ABSOLUTELLY!!!